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Way to Hang Houseplants: Podcast Ep#77

Hanging your houseplants is a unique and trendy way to liven up any space. But it's also practical too. People hang houseplants for all sorts of reasons. It could be due to a lack of surface area, or simply to keep your plants out of reach of pets and kids.

Why hang your houseplants?

  • Lack of square footage for houseplants

  • Trying to avoid a pet or child getting to them

  • Esthetically pleasing in a certain area

  • Needing a particular light that works better by hanging it

  • A fun plant accessory you found for hanging plants

  • Or you just want to!

How is this blog broken down?

  • Ways to hang plants if you ARE able to drill into your ceiling or wall

  • Ways to hang plants if you ARE NOT able to drill into your ceiling or wall

  • All the random and fun plant hanging accessories

  • Plants that would love to be part of your hanging plant collection

Hanging plants WITH the ability to drill a hole or damage your walls or ceilings

Whether you are hanging on the ceiling, or on the wall, make sure you are choosing an accessory and mounting equipment that can hold the plant's weight when it is fully watered (plus more). Also makes sure you are drilling into a wall stud or ceiling joint.

Hooks from the ceiling: This is probably the most common way to hang plants, but it is not the easiest, or least invasive, to your property. Here are some options:

Wall mounted brackets: If you don't want to drill into the ceiling, this could be a great alternative! You could also drill these brackets into your wall, or any free-standing piece of furniture you have.

Tension rod or shower rod: This is a great way to get multiple plants hanging in one spot. There are a ton of shapes and options under this category.

Hanging plants WITHOUT the ability to drill a hole or damage your walls or ceilings:

Hooks from the ceiling: There are many different types of adhesive hooks you can use. Make sure you are checking on the weight limit and consider how heavy the plant will be when fully watered. If you have popcorn ceilings, and not smooth ceilings, this may not be a great option for you.

Mounted brackets: I mentioned this above as well, but if you did not want to damage the wall or ceiling you could drill these types of brackets into a piece of your own free-standing furniture. There are also deck brackets that do not require drilling and can pinch or attach to furniture or anywhere in your home! The wall mounted brackets you can attach to furniture is listed above, but here are some other options:

Suction cup planters:

Free floating room dividers: These have been a trendy way to separate a room with plants, while still being able to effectively display your plants. Here are some great options for room dividers:

Tension rod or shower rod: This is a great way to get multiple plants hanging in one spot. Plus, there are a ton of shapes and options under this category.

Shepard's hooks: Normally you would use these in your garden outdoors, but there is no reason why you couldn't use them inside too! You could put these in a potted plant you already have or in its own pot. If you are worried about it being top heavy, you could put bricks (or poor some concrete) in the bottom of your container that will hold the shepard's hook. Here are some options:

Accessories & Extra Tools:

Hanging Planters & Shelves:

Hanging Propagation Decor:

Extra Tools or Accessories:

Best plants for hanging:

The options are endless, but below are links to some great choices. Make sure you are double checking their requirements before choosing your plant.

Instagram Q&A

I asked followers if they had any specific plant questions I could address in this podcast and blog. Here are the questions and answers for this episode...

"What plants are best to hang?"

  • There are TONS of options for this but I would consider the weight your hanging spot can handle, what kind of light is provided, and accessibility. I say accessibility because if you aren't able to water easily, I would choose to hang a plant that can handle low moisture.

"What benefits does hanging them have? Better growth?"

  • This really depends on the plant you choose. Some plants naturally are trailing plants and they are happy to be that way. There are other plants that can be trailing plants but also be epiphytic where they could climb a moss/coco coir pole. Overall this is personal preference over any major plant benefit.

"Would love if you could talk about places/how to hang (other than in windows!) :)"

  • Using some of the tools like tension rods or room dividers would allow you to put your plants anywhere within your room. If lighting is your concern, you could make sure your tension rod is near an outlet so you can provide supplemental light through grow lights.

"How do you hang plants when you rent and can't do holes?"

  • So many great ways, so make sure to check out all the links above for ideas and inspiration! I would say tension rods may be the easiest option that could hold a decent amount of weight.

"Best tension rods?? Ways to hang for renters?"

  • Since I have not used tension rods myself, I can't say for certain. I've included several options above with different weight limits. I've also included accessories that my be needed to further help make sure your tension rods stay in place.



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