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Grow Lights: Podcast Ep#63

Any houseplant parent can feel at ease knowing you don't need to put every plant next to a window in order to be successful. You can find the perfect grow light for your living space. Whether you need budget friendly, a sleek design, increased flowering, or herb and houseplant foliage growth; there is a grow light option for every plant parent!

Why Grow Lights?

People use grow lights to supplement the natural light that isn't available to grow plants. Some simply don't have enough light, some want to be able to place plants anywhere in their home (regardless of where a window is) and others are trying to grow vegetation for cooking or healing.

Types of Light

This can be overwhelming to anyone trying to figure out what kind of grow light you need. I am only giving you the types of light you may run into for houseplants:

  • Full Spectrum Light: This is what the sun is providing and is the best option for optimal houseplant growth. Typically this is a combination of a range of white, red or blue light.

  • Red Light: This is used to promote flowers, fruit or vegetation. Only continued red light could cause plants to become leggy and not as compact growth.

  • Blue Light: Most successful to promote foliage growth. Only continued blue light could cause leaves to form smaller or deformed over time.

Types of Grow Lights

Instagram Q&A

I asked followers if they had any specific plant questions I could address in this podcast and blog. Here are the questions and answers for the Oxalis...

"Can they stay on 24/7 or does your plant need to sleep?"

  • You do need to give your plants a rest at night to develop to their best potential. I wouldn't give them more than 16-18 hours of sunlight. Even some plants like Holiday Cactus or Poinsettia benefit from longer, darker periods to produce blooms.

"Best grow light on the market? From where?"

  • Based on the options I have seen in the market for houseplant parents, Soltech seems to be the highest quality light available that keeps design in mind. Since these are singular bulb fixtures, I don't think it is the best option for someone like me who has multiple places in my home where I need to add light.

"How much faster can I expect my plant to grow with a grow light versus regular window?"

  • This very dependent on your "microclimate" and the plant needs. Sun exposure in a north window is very different than a plant in a south window. Just know that providing something consistent like a grow light is much intense than any window in your home. In a window, the window panes themselves block some sunlight, there may be obstructions outside and with the earth's rotation the sun is always moving so you will never achieve the same consistency in a window.

"What's the best one for a beginner? For a plant stand? Stick on or lamp??"

  • I would base the answer off your space and your plants. I don't think you need to splurge on an expensive grow light when you don't know if it works in your space or if it is the right solution for your plants. You can easily find something like this on Amazon between $15-30. I would suggest getting a light with a timer, the ability to dim the light, and easily movable and adjustable light "arms" so you have the ability to experiment and see what works for your space and plants.



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Kimberly Morales
Kimberly Morales
04 oct 2022

Thanks for your amazing information! Love the blog and all the social media. Love that I can listen to the podcast and read the blog and social media at the same time. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am a Florida Girl living in Wisconsin. So i love growing plants. :)

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