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High Light Houseplants: Podcast Episode #56

High light houseplants are not usually sought after because their placement is a bit more restricting in most people's' homes. That being said, some of the most sought after plants need high light so we can always find ways to make it work!

I want to be clear that each plant I list may have slight variety variations, which may require more or less light. My goal is to pinpoint the houseplants that need constant bright, indirect light and will do well in bright, direct light.

Ficus lyrata

Although this is considered a difficult houseplant, it is still one of the most popular houseplants available. It has an impeccable stature, impact, and elegance that everyone loves. Not only does this plant thrive in bright, indirect light, it also loves to be in direct sunlight. The more light you can give it, the closer the leaves will be together, and the faster the plant will produce new growth.

Bird of paradise

Although much easier than the Ficus lyrata, the sunlight requirements are just about the same! Your Bird of Paradise can actually handle medium light. But the more light, the better! As a houseplant, you may not see this plant bloom, but having a higher light helps get you a little closer!


The number of houseplant lovers that dislike Croton's is very high! I don't blame them but with the right care and enough light, you can succeed! These do okay in bright, indirect light and thrive in direct sunlight. If you don't have at least bright, indirect light I wouldn't bother with a Croton.

Succulents, Cacti & Agave

This covers TONS of plants, and there are some exceptions, but for the most part, bright indirect and direct sunlight is needed for success. I have had Agaves in medium light but they are not as compact. This stretched or leggy habit tends to be the same for cacti and succulents that don't have enough light.


Most orchids need to be in bright indirect or direct sunlight in order to produce flowers, but not all varieties. The traditional Phalaenopsis Orchids you find at plant shops and grocery stores need that bright light.

Honorable Mention:

  • Hibiscus, Mandevilla, Dipladenia, Bougainvillea, Gardenia, Jasmine, Canna Lily, Euphorbia, some Palms, Duranta, Schefflera, Yucca, some other Ficus, Poinsettia, some Herbs, Cordyline, Citrus, and Bromeliad.

Instagram Q&A

I asked followers if they had any specific plant questions I could address in this podcast and blog. Here are the questions and answers for the HIgh Light Houseplants...

"What plants can I put in an unobstructed south window without burning?"

  • I would say blooming tropical plants are PERFECT and absolutely thrive in full sunlight. Cacti and Succulents also need direct sunlight to do their best as well.



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