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Plant Lover Gift Guide: Podcast Ep#70

There are so many great plant related gifts out there! Everyone has different items they love and opinions on which gifts are the best. This guide is a great place to start if you are looking for the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life!

If a friend has expressed interest in plants and doesn't know where to start, try gifting a Low Maintenance Plant, with all the essential supplies: soil, watering can, fertilizer, pruner, a pot with drainage, and a saucer.

Instagram Q&A

I ask followers if they have any specific questions or comments for each podcast episode. In this case, I asked some questions to get a better idea of what people love, hate, or would be excited to have. Here are all the answers to my questions!

"Any plant gift related questions or anything you want to hear about?"

  • "What to get for the plant lover in your life who actually has everything?! Help!"

  • I would say the best thing would be to buy replenished supplies they need or plants that are on their wish list. I, personally, would love some unique plant merch that is made by a creator on Etsy.

"What is a plant gift you've received that you loved or disliked?"

  • "Dislike when people give me plant coffee mugs or clothes, too ordinary, like a tourist"

  • TOTALLY a personal preference! There are some particular things that bother me with plant gifts like something very generic or with succulents on it (since I am not a big fan of succulents myself)!

  • "I got a really great set of clippers and trimmers... but the handles are brown and I put them down and lose them constantly because they blend in!"

  • Pruners are essential for any plant owner! I personally love the Dramm Compact Shears because they come in bright colors!

  • "I live in AZ and moss poles do not stay wet AT ALL. It's aesthetic but that's about it 😂"

  • Aesthetic and stability is usually what I am going for too! I don't usually soak mine but I know there are some moss poles or coco coir poles that have a more hollow centers to allow for more moisture.

  • "A propagation station. One of those wood triangles with 3 bulbous cases that hang off a rod"

  • I also have one of these and I love it! Here is an example of this kind described!

"What plant related item or plant do you wish you had?"

  • "A Greenhouse 😂😂"

  • SAME LOL like this one right?!

  • "Grow lights!"

  • ALWAYS! I have a ton of options on this blog post!

"What online plant shops do you trust? Or when you shop for plants in person?"

Plant Shopping:

One of the best gifts to get a plant lover is a plant! I know this can be hard if you don't know their collection well. One great way to get around that is ask them what plants they have been loving or what plants are on their wish list! Any plant lover would tell you they love any excuse to talk about plants, so no one would be upset if you asked this question!

Here are some great plant shops I've explored or have been suggested to me:

Mostly online shops:

Plant Related Experiences

If you are still not sure what to physically get your person, how about a plant experience?! This is a great opportunity to get them a gift they can enjoy with friends and family!

Plant Related Gifts

Some people (like myself) love plant related gifts like stickers, clothes and accessories but as you can see by the answer above, some don't! If your plant lover is a fan of plant related gifts, here are some great shops or gifts to check out:

Shops & Companies:


Plant Supplies

Plant Books



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