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WI & IL Plant Shops Pt.2: Podcast Episode 74

You may be reading this saying, "I don't live in WI or IL, why would I read this?!" Well, let me tell you why! You may know someone that lives in the area, you may visit these areas, or you may get a great perspective on what I consider about when plant shopping. I've been to LOTS of plant shops so I have an opinion (or two)! Not only is it helpful for the locals, but you too may learn a bit about my plant cost expectations, what else is sold at these locations, and how these shops operate (from an outside view).

WI Plant Shops:

  • Instagram- Facebook

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI (in Third Ward area)

  • Price: $$/$$$

  • Plants: Sells lots of common plants and many unique plants as well. Typically they sell smaller sizes from about 6" pots and under but do have a few larger plants

  • Notes: Also a perfect place for unique gifts and décor. Probably my favorite small shop to go to in Milwaukee!

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI (Bayview area)

  • Price: $/$$

  • Plants: Many common houseplants along with a few rare plants. Sometimes they also have some larger plants you don't find often (I.E. Hoya carnosa 'Compacta', String of Pearls, Snake Plant). They call out pet friendly plants with a small paw sticker on their plant pots, and they also have some unique planters already created with houseplants in them.

  • Notes: The shop carries coco coir poles and this is where I get ALL of mine! They also have a rewards program and if you purchase one of their cute tote bags and bring it back, you receive a percentage off you purchase!

  • Instagram- Facebook

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI (Walker's Point area)

    • There is also several locations around the United States including:

      • 2 shops in Columbus, OH

      • Lancaster, OH

      • Cleveland, OH

      • 3 shops in Philadelphia, PA

      • Devon, PA

      • Savannah, GA.

  • Price: $

  • Plants: Many common houseplants and a few unique plants with very reasonable prices.

  • Notes: The Milwaukee shop has a very cool aesthetic with live edge wood shelves and stone walls. At purchase, they create a plant care card with specific instructions for the plant you are buying.

  • Instagram- Facebook

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI

  • Price: $$

  • Plants: One of the largest selections of common, unique and rare houseplants in the Milwaukee area. They sell small, medium, large and extra large plants

  • Notes: If local plant shopping isn't enough for you the owner's puppies are always on the property excited to greet you! They are open seasonally so make sure you check their website for hours and days open. Here is a virtual tour of their greenhouse too!

  • Instagram- Facebook

  • Location: The houseplant greenhouse is at their Fitchburg, WI location. They are a great flower shop as well with several locations in the Madison, WI surrounding area.

  • Price: $$$

  • Plants: They do have many common plants in a range of sizes along with unique and rare plants. Although their pricing is a bit higher than normal, their unique selection is always worth it.

  • Notes: The Fitchburg location also sells pottery, tools, flowers and gifts. If you are in the greenhouse, they have a section you are not allowed in but you can see some epic houseplants in there as well- worth a look back there just to soak in their houseplants.

IL Plant Shops:

  • Location: Chicago, IL and Evanston, IL

  • Price: $$

  • Plants: These place sell many houseplants along with some tools and supplies! They also have a decent selection of cacti if you are a cacti savant. From my experience shopping at the Chicago location, usually they sell some common plants but many unique plants and some rare plants.

  • Notes: The staff is very friendly and they do live plant auctions on social media! Definitely worth a follow to get updates from them!

Adam & Sons & Daughter's Garden Center

  • Instagram

  • Location: Chicago, IL (Humboldt Park area)

  • Price: $

  • Plants: They are known for their extensive houseplant options but they also carry seasonal annuals, perennials, fall plants and pumpkins, Christmas trees around the holidays and more. They sell houseplants in many different sizes and frequently receive rare houseplants.

  • Notes: Since they are only on Instagram, that is where to find them!

  • Instagram- Facebook

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Price: $$

  • Plants: They carry lots of common houseplants in different sizes along with many unique and rare houseplants in a range of sizes as well! In the winter if you are needing some plant therapy, this is the place to be! There is no question about the quality of plants at this shop!

  • Notes: This shop is founded by Tu Bloom® who is a well known landscape, garden, floral and interior plant designer. He has partnered and design for large events and names like the Grammy Awards, Michael Jackson's Garden Memorial, Chicago Flower & Garden Show and Museum of Science and Industry Smart Home just to name a few.

  • Location: Lake Bluff, IL

  • Price: $$

  • Plants: They carry many common houseplants in a range of sizes with some increased unique varieties in the summer season.

  • Notes: I mostly went here for garden center needs and during peak season, their annual and perennial selection is no joke! Not only are the plants amazing but the extent of the tools, outdoor décor, gifts, and pet section is incredible! Yes, you would go there for the plants but you should also go there for all the extra fun things to look at!

  • Instagram Location Search- Facebook

  • Location: Rockford, IL

  • Price: $

  • Plants: Even though this place is known for the floral design, seasonal plants and amazing gifts, the houseplant selection is also amazing! Their common plants always look super healthy ranging in sizes plus they carry unique and even rare houseplants as well!

  • Notes: I am originally from Roscoe, IL so I am not sure HOW I missed this place growing up! Every time I go, I leave with at least one houseplant.

Instagram Q&A

I asked followers if they had any specific plant shop questions I could address in this podcast and blog. A couple of these are from WI & IL Plant Shops Pt.1 but since I have new shops to talk about I have some new answers too! Here are the questions and answers:

"Do any of them ship? For those of us who don't live in the area."

  • Chicago Bloom and Plant Shop Chicago actually do ship some of their plants through out the United States! Not all of their inventory is online and Plant Shop Chicago is just cacti or supplies on their website.

"If you had to pick 1 place to shop for plants, where would it be?"

  • Of the list of shops above, I would say Mod Gen is my favorite place to shop for plants and gifts. It has a good selection of plants and home décor items!

"How did you choose the places chosen this time?"

  • These are places I have shopped and have experienced pretty often. Some of these are also small local shops that I take pride in supporting and shopping at!

"What do you look for to make the fave plant store cut?"

  • Selection, variety and plant health for the top things I assess.

"Do you ever plan to expand to other locations outside of WI and IL?"

  • Absolutely! Since I can't travel everywhere and experience all plant shops I want to extend my future plant shop podcast episodes and blogs to places around the world! Not only do I want plant shops to recommend their own shop, I want the plant lovers to send me all their favorites too.



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