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WI & IL Plant Shops & Stops Pt.3: Podcast Ep#82 S1

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

You may be reading this saying, "I don't live in WI or IL, why would I read this?!" Well, you may know someone that lives in the area, you may visit these areas, or you may get a great perspective on what I consider when plant shopping or visiting plant places. I've been to LOTS of plant shops so I have an opinion (or two)! Not only is it helpful for the locals, but you too may learn a bit about my plant cost expectations, what else is sold at these locations, and how these shops operate (from an outside view).

WI Plant Shops

  • Location: Middleton, WI

  • Price: $$

  • Plants: Sells lots of common houseplants and some unique plants as well. Typically they sell smaller sizes from (about 6" pots and under) but they do have a few larger plants.

  • Notes: A perfect place for your landscape plants, lawn decoration or furniture, landscape tools, and maintenance needs.

Plant Land

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI

  • Price: $

  • Plants: They have a few houseplants, but this is the perfect local place to shop for your annuals, herbs, and vegetables in spring! You can also find some perennials and shrubs to pick from.

  • Notes: They are a seasonal business usually opening in March and closing in July. They post their updates on Facebook, so make sure to check for hours and updates there!

  • Location: Madison, WI

  • This location is known for the gorgeous 16 acres of outdoor gardens and their beautiful tropical greenhouse called Bolz Conservatory.

  • Visit their outdoor garden, which contains the Royal Thai Pavilion and Garden, Perennial Garden, Sunken Garden, and Herb Garden.

  • In the Bolz Conservatory, you will find a diverse collection of tropical plants, a rushing waterfall, free-flying birds, and blooming orchids. Get an up close and personal look at carnivorous plants as well!

  • And don't forget to check their ongoing events year round!

  • Location: Milwaukee, WI

  • The Domes are the perfect place in Milwaukee to get away and experience tropical environments all year round. You can be taken to an oasis in the tropical and desert dome while being whisked off to a different world every year and season in the floral dome.

  • Don't forget to check out events they have year round and the fun temporary exhibits to check out in the floral dome!

IL Plant Shops:

  • Location: Services Central Illinois to Chicago

  • Price: $/$$

  • The owner, Jeff, has been incredibly supportive

  • If you are looking for a specific plant, he may be able to get it for you, so don't hesitate to reach out here!

  • Besides the amazing plant selection, he also does landscape design, plant-sitting, plant rehab/plant consultations, plant rental, and interiorscaping.

  • Location: Glencoe, IL

  • Price depends on time of year. Parking is expensive.

  • This is one of the best outdoor gardens I've been to. You can spend a whole day (and more) exploring the 385 acres of landscape gardens including the Bulb Garden, Circle Garden, Crescent, Enabling Garden, English Walled Garden, Evening Island, Fruit and Vegetable Garden, Heritage Garden, Japanese Garden, Native Plant Garden, Rose Garden, Sensory Garden, and more.

  • You can also find the Tropical Greenhouse, Bonsai Collection, Semitropical Greenhouse, Topiary Greenhouse and Desert Greenhouse!

  • Chicago Botanic also has a ton of education opportunities and events to check out! I can't recommend going there enough!

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Price: FREE to enter but need to book reservations online.

  • Now this place is my FAVORITE conservatory/greenhouse to go to! The have an amazing plant assortment in different greenhouse sections including the Palm House, Fern Room, Desert House, Aroid House and more!

  • Also make sure you check out their extensive events and programs in the conservatory as well!

Images from Garfield Park Conservatory:



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