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Holly's Houseplants- Birthday Edition

Since it is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to talk about what's been going on with my own collection, what I am loving, what I am hating, and what I've suck with over the last couple years, etc!

How's it going with my plants?

It is survival of the fittest in my household right now. As many of you know, my personal like has been hectic and taken more of a priority lately (getting married, buying a house, my sister having her third baby, soaking in time with my husband, friends and family, etc) so I've lost lots of plants but I've also had some great success with many plants that only need medium to lower maintenance. My collection is still pretty solid and I am happy with where my plants are at right now!

What have been established as my favorite plants and why?

Philodendron, Monstera, and Hoya are my go to's because they are usually pretty low maintenance and there is an endless amount of varieties to collect and research. As a side note, I am also loving Rhaphidophora and it feels similar to Monstera and Philodendron for care. My favorite plants right now are Crimson Queen Hoya, Hoya obovata, my huge Monstera deliciosa, Monstera dubia, Philodendron tortum, Philodendron Pink Princess, Philodendron Ring of Fire and Philodendron White Knight. Not only do I love the way they look, they are all pretty low maintenance and, generally speaking, doing pretty well!

What do I dislike and why?

Elephant Ear AKA Alocasia is something I think looks amazing but not realistic for me to take care of. The amount of care and effort I need to put in to them is too much for me to handle. When I do try minimally, I end up with spider mite issues.

Calathea is also one of those plant I don't own anymore because of it's needs and I always end up with spider mites. I do think they are beautiful though!

My really hot-take is that succulents are moving towards a trend that is almost over with. Personally, I would rather collect other plants than succulents but I know they have a place in a houseplant collector's home in some scenarios!

What are the successes over the last couple years?

  • Monstera dubia- grew much faster than I thought and easily rooted to a wood plank on its own

  • Burro's Tail cuttings- on a whim, I stuck a few leaves on the top of the soil and they started to root. Now there are several stems on the plant with some reaching 6-8"

  • Goldfish Plant- at the time of doing this podcast/blog I hadn't been successful but I bought a new one about 6 months ago. Right now (March), it is rapidly producing new flowers! Placing it in higher light and near my humidifier is definitely helping!

  • Hoya Sunrise cutting- the cutting were gifted to me and I propagated it by layering. Now it has a bunch of leaves producing off the end of a couple stems and it is very healthy!

  • Pink Princess Philodendron- this was a little slow to grow when I first got it but it has consistently produced several new leaves in the last year

  • Rhaphidophora decursiva- is growing vigorously growing up a mole pole

  • Orchids- I have large beautiful leaves and very healthy roots forming. I am hoping I will get a stem with flowers this year (finger's crossed!)

  • Avocado- the roots and actual stem is growing consistently new leaves all in water propagation

What are the fails over the last couple years?

  • Monstera adonsanii Wide Form- tried to grow this on a moss pole but all the leaves dropped off. The roots and stem are still healthy so I will try Keiki Cloning Paste to see if that helps fill in the bare stem

  • Snow Bush- I bought this and about 5 days later, I fried it because I forgot to water it.

  • Snake Plant- I believe I killed my Snake Plant at work by over watering

  • Peperomia Hope- I underwatered this and it lost most of it's leaves. I tried to repot it but at some point it got ripped out of it's pot.

  • ZZ Plant- I haven't lost this plant but I lost many of the bottom leaves. I believe this was due to a lack of light and lack of water.

What's on my wishlist?

  • Monstera esqueleto,

  • Monstera "Aurea"

  • Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

  • Hoya callistophylla

  • Hoya rotundiflora

  • Hoya latifolia

  • Philodendron gloriosum

  • Philodendron melanochrysum

  • Philodendron Strawberry Shake

  • Philodendron Florida Beauty

Products I've stuck with

There are some way that are better than others but it is personal preference and sometimes dependent on the plant. The key to successful propagation is higher moisture with any of these options below

Instagram Q&A

I always ask followers if they had any specific questions, opinions or hot-takes I can address in this podcast and blog. Here are the questions and answers for this topic:

"What is your first houseplant ever?"

"How many do you have? What's your limit? How many is too many to care for (in your opinion)?"

  • I currently have 151 houseplants! This also includes the few houseplants on my desk at work and the plants that are kept in my basement that will be moving outdoors during the summertime. I think around 150-170 (ish) plants is about my limit because it doesn't take up too much time to water and maintenance doesn't take too long either. I've grown into a plant personal that would rather have more meaningful plants than a plant parent with 100's of houseplants.



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