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Propagation Explained: Podcast Ep#88

Updated: Mar 31

Propagation is always an exciting adventure for any houseplant parent. Who doesn't love to multiply their plants?!

What does propagation mean?

Oxford Languages defines it as "the breeding of specimens of a plant or animal by natural processes from the parent stock."

What medium can you propagate in?

There are some way that are better than others but it is personal preference and sometimes dependent on the plant. The key to successful propagation is higher moisture with any of these options below

Using a coco coir or soil based potting mix would hold more moisture then perlite or bark. But if you have the capability to water more frequently, elements like perlite or bark would help prevent root rot.

What are the different ways to propagate?

These options are mostly dependent on on the type of plant you are attempting to propagate but can sometimes be personal preference.

  • Stem Cuttings- cut just below a leaf node to promote root growth

    • Commonly used for Philodendron, Pothos, Monstera,

  • Leaf Cuttings- usually you are either cutting where the leaf meets the stem or in some cases, you would cut the actual leaf.

    • Commonly used for ZZ Plant, Snake Plant, African Violet

  • Division- by taking a sharp knife, you can cut a portion of the plant off or cut the plant in half to start a new plant

  • Layering- this is done by burying a leaf node in soil

  • Air Layering- you can attach a ball of potting mix or any other medium around a leaf node on a mature stem and root the plant without removing the stem

Extra tools that could help you propagate?

There are always other options for you to choose from but if you are interested in diving into even more, here are some tools that could help!

Instagram Q&A

I always ask followers if they had any specific questions, opinions or hot-takes I can address in this podcast and blog. Here are the questions and answers for this topic:

"What is the best device to propagate in? And why?"

  • This is honestly personal preference and dependent on the plant. My favorite way to propagate is with water in clear jars because I love to see the evolution of growth.

"Water propagation is hit or miss! I find soil prop works better."

  • That is wonderful! So happy you found a way that works best for you! Since I am a chronic under waterer, I have a hard time keeping my soil moisture high enough to root cutting properly. But for some plants, the soil works better for me as well.



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