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Nobody knows their plants like a homebody



Welcome all plant lovers, plant experts, plant enthusiasts and beginners!

I am so pumped to share my adventures with all things plants! I am not an expert by any means but join me in my ongoing journey of slowly becoming an expert!

I have been passionate about all things plants for YEARS. 

With everything that I have explored on social media or plant websites I realized there seems to be ONE THING MISSING... a US Midwestern perspective in the amazing world of social media outlets, podcasts and blogs.

I am a proud Wisconsinite and we have a different and somewhat complicated environment for growing houseplants & plants! 

BUT just because we have a different environment doesn't mean we can't learn from the experts on the East and West coasts!

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You can find me at ALL of those places @houseplanthomebodyllc.

And DON'T FORGET to get involved! Comment on posts or pictures, ask me questions, provide your best plant advice or tag @houseplanthomebodyllc in your posts or comments. There is so much to learn in the plant world and I want to encourage everyone to soak it up! Houseplant Homebody is the best community for ALL THINGS PLANTS.



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